Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My 1st Story: "Panggilan Pulau"

Hmmmm funny isnt it? Our diving group called people who fell in love in the island with this term "Panggilan Pulau"

Well thats what happened to me in Yr2002 ..where I met my hubby during my reece to do a conservation event and taking my scuba diving licence at a resort in Pulau Perhentian. Since I was a divorcee and had a broken heart, I dont have a single intention to look for guys especially in the island.

Tapi takdir tuhan: kita tidak merancang,ALLAH yang menentukan!

And I did not regret coz ALLAH has destine me to meet this Dive Master back then named Nafie.
We met and our eyes looked at each other,my heart beats very fast ( like the first time we fell in love).... the rest is history when we get married on 030303 after 6months courting!

So all bachelors out there.......wanna fell in love? go to the islands.......He he! Insyaallah with ALLAH blessing!

For the rest of my life I'll be with you,
I'll stay by your side,honest & true
For the rest of my life I'll be loving you..............

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