Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The weather here in Marang is still gloomy and windy.However the rain is not as heavy as our frens down south!!!! with this kind of situation my mouth wanted to munch something ........
Mama Gee wanna do another family favourite : Sardine Roll aka Sadin Gulung


Bread - I use Gardenia
1 tin of Mackerel/Sardine
6 small onions/bawang kechil
3 cloves garlic /bawang putih
3 red chili /cili merah
few chili padi
2 tbs Lime juice/jus limau nipis
1/2 tbs tamarind juice/sedikit  asam jawa


1.Pound Onions,garlic,red chili and small chili.Tumbuk cili,cili padi,bawang merah dan bawang putih hingga lumat.
2.In a pan, put some oil and saute all the ingrediants until well cooked./Dalam kuali, masukkan sedikit minyak dan goreng bahan-bahan tadi hingga masak.
3. Pour in the Mackerel/sardine and stir/Masukkan Ikan mackerel/sardin dan gaul hingga sebati.
4.Add in some water,tamarind and lime juice./Masukkan pula sedikit air,asam jawa dan jus limau.
5. Stir well until the sauce is slightly thicken.Gaul rata hingga air kering sedikit dan kuah pekat.
6.Cut the edges of the bread and roll each bread until it is thin/Potong tepi roti dan nipiskan roti dengan penggulung
7.Add in some sardine on the bread and roll it/Bubuh sedikit sardin atas roti dan gulung.

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