Thursday, July 21, 2011

RECAP FEBRUARY 2011: 9th Feb 2011

I decided to recap and write on event/things happened during my 4months absence in the blog world.

9th February: My late Ibu Hajjah Ramlah passed away in 2002. So its already nine years she left
                       us due to severe Head Ache. Until today we did not know her real sickness.
                       And  today, on the same date our Pok Su Mat (hubbys uncle) died of Brain cancer.
                       AL FATIHAH to them.

Arwah Pak Su before went to HUSM Kubang Kerian

                   Arash first day at pre school at Tadika KEMAS Gong Nangka.Sending him to pre school hoping he will get to know other kids, play & socialise with them. Beside to improve his ability to focus on what the teacher teaches.
Arash with other kids

Concentrate  & Focus


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