Thursday, July 21, 2011

RECAP MARCH 2011: My Sons Birthday: IMAN & ARASH

I got two sons; the 2nd in the family Rafiqin Iman turns 18th (6th March) this year and my youngest Nor Muhammad Anique Arash turns 6 on 11th March 2011.

Big bro IMAN & youngest bro ARASH
 Hmm dah jadi anak teruna my eldest son ni and going to colleage soon.....How time flies coz I still remembered him when he is 2yrs old and The Lion King is the craze during that year.....he started being like the lion....aum,aum here & there and sometimes bite people!!!!He is very, very the naughty but Alhamdullilah when he is in the secondary school started to become a very responsible & caring teenager!

And my little & handsome baby ARASH with his usual act.......playing with his toys taken from the Play room and make a mess out of it! Pity Kak Yaya.....but she is very helpful and always the one who will clear all the toys, rearrange and sweep the floor.....Thanks sayang!

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