Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fried Mee @Mee Goreng Sempoi..........

He He the name of the menu is Sempoi@simple or glamour?? It is actually my daughters' Dania recepi.......she loves K.Ida's (cousin) black fried mee (sepupu) but I dont know what the ingrediants she put in...........In the end she ask me to put soy sauce,tomato sauce, & fish ball....

So i juz did this for her to bring to school & for our breakfastat home too.....

Nah here comes the.......Mee Goreng Sempoi....Dania's style !!!!

Mee Goreng Sempoi


1 packet Yellow Mee @ Mee Kuning
4 onion/ bawang merah
3 cloves garlic / bawang putih
2 ts of dried chili/2 sudu besar cili kering - diblend
Green vege /sayur sawi atau apa2 sayur yg disukai
1 packet fish ball
2 eggs
Soy sauce,tomato sauce
salt & sugar


Pound garlic & cloves in a mortar.
Add dried chili.
In a frying pan, put bit of oil, then fry the pounded ingrediants.
Put some water,soy & tomato sauce,salt & sugar.Fry until all is well cooked.
Add fish ball & vege.
Lastly add egss & stir well
Add yellow mee & mixed well.

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